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Kings Norton

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Candlelit Church

Church With a Difference

If you have used the sentence "I don't really do Church...but..." then Candlelit Church could be for you.

"I don't really do Church, but...

  • ...I am a Christian."
  • ...I am a spiritual person."
  • ...I do find God interesting."
  • ...I wish I could be part of a Church."
  • ...I would go if I could find the right place."
  • ...I try to live my faith during the week."
  • ...it must be nice for people that are a part of it."
  • ...I find Church on Sundays really boring."

Candlelit Church offers another way to finish the sentence, "I don't really do Church, but..."

Why might Candlelit Church be for me?

Candlelit Church ensures that you are able to use your Church building regardless of your opinions. | Candlelit Church does not require you to sacrifice a precious Sunday morning lie-in. | Candlelit Church is a dream for people with hectic lives. An hour and a half of total peace at the end of a busy day. | If it isn't for you, at Candlelit Church you can discuss what might be. | Candlelit Church offers you control and choice over how you use your church: it offers participation or anonymity. | Candlelit Church enables you and your family and friends to enjoy the idea of a sacred space, a place of beauty at the heart of the community.

There is singing, but you don't have to do it. There is tea and coffee, but you don't have to make it. There is conversation, but you don't have to join it.


What is it?

Candlelit church is what it says it is, a church lit with candles.

What do I do?

The only thing you have to do is walk through the door.

Can I be involved?

Yes. Candlelit Church is your church. You are involved. The programme each Wednesday is usually:

  • 6.30pm : lighting the candles
  • 7pm until 8pm : a time of quiet or conversation
  • 8pm : Open Bible - study the Bible with others

Candlelit Church is a Fresh Expression.