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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

April 2012

Holy Week and Easter often feel like the end of a story. They are, of course, only the beginning. All our prayer and work through Lent to prepare for the Great Days of the church’s year are but the start.

Remember how Jesus’ friends must have felt on that first Easter evening. They had been through so much. This startling man had taken them on a startling journey. They had moved away from all that was familiar in home and work. They had seen healings and wonders, had heard teachings which seemed to overturn all that they had grown up with. They had been given new life, hope and promises that Jesus would be with them whatever they faced – but all wound in to strange and resisted teaching about going up to Jerusalem to suffer and die.

And now they gathered in small fearful groups, battered by Good Friday but stirred by growing stories that Jesus was somehow alive...

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