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April 2013

On Easter Day, the world turns. The Risen Christ restores all that is broken, conquers all fears and scatters the darkness of our hearts and minds. We rightly celebrate with all that we have and all that we are, and then all too soon slip back into "normal".

It's like parties winning elections. A night of euphoria is followed by months and years of struggle. The hopes raised by victory are so soon ground down by events, problems and conflicts old and new.

If Easter is only for a day, however joyfully kept, we will have missed the point. Jesus breaking the bonds of death is not just the happy ending to the dark story of Holy Week. It is, above all, invitation to live in hope, love and resilient faith in all that lies ahead!

What God shows us in the suffering, death and rising again of Jesus is that hope is real. It is not a temporary feeling that "things are getting better", soon dashed when they don't. Easter hope is in the Christ who has gone through the worst for us and rises in undying love. Easter hope shapes all that we are, heart, mind, body and spirit, in the face of the sure knowledge that however deep-rooted we feel the forces of evil to be, they are not. They will not finally overcome....

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