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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

August 2011

Jesus' words (Matthew 11.28) will mean many things to many people. They tell us that in a life of world and church so weighed down with things we ought to do, there is a promise from God.

Life, its purpose and our place within it is God’s idea, so we should not be surprised. Our wise and loving God knows that for us to do even a little of all we ought to do, we need times and places of rest, refreshment and re-creation. Life can be costly. It is not a treadmill.

So, holidays are great – and very biblical! I’m so often struck at funerals by how precious is the recounting of holiday stories and shared travel. They might be to a caravan at Stourport or Brean. They might be to places even more exotic. Wherever they are, they matter.

Those who can, holiday outside school terms, but for most, the time is now...

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