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August 2012

May I thank all who have given me so many prayers, thoughts, cards and messages. They have made a very big difference. The retina in my left eye detached a week before Kings Norton Festival and was repaired at the wonderful Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre. By the time you read this, I hope to be back to nearly normal – but for now have to divide waking life between lying down for one hour and being bolt upright for the next. Two weeks of this allows the repaired retina to stay firmly stuck back in place. Reading and watching are allowed, but little else apart from deep attention to news, Proms and the Tour de France (followed from sideways every other hour, which makes the dizzying climbs even steeper.) At least Anna always knows where I am.

I’m relieved that she finds this a good thing. There was no choice about the treatment and so missing the Festival, the United Service - and missing too a dash to Hyde Park in between to witness Bruce Springsteen having his sound turned off at the wild hour of 10.45pm. All this has left me with even greater gratitude for the gift of sight and for the kind strengths of colleagues, friends and family who just got on with covering my work on top of their own....

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