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December 2012

What a joy to have St Nicolas as the parish’s patron saint and to be able to turn from pre-Christmas pressure to give thanks for God’s grace through him and for the continuing inspiration of his life for ours. Bishop Andrew is with us on St Nicolas’s day itself (Thursday December 6th) to lead worship and celebration at 7.30pm. Please join us and him. And the celebrations continue for four days! Mrs Veronica Chambers (the Revd W.V.Awdry’s daughter and a lovely friend of church and of Saint Nicolas' Place) will be with us over the weekend as we gather on The Green and then in church for Sunday’s Festival and Toy Service and for Parish Lunch afterwards. Do join us all. It matters.

'St Nicolas' too easily rolls off our lips only as label for our main parish church. (Grumpy old man note: can we stop shortening it to ‘St Nic’s’, please? It’s not a pet). We do not know how or when our forebears made him the patron saint of parish and church or why they spelt Nicolas in the French style with no ‘h’. But they did. Alleluia.

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