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December 2013

Thank you to everyone who responded so warmly to my thoughts on being a proud adopted Brummie in last month’s magazine. I’m very grateful that so many were not just stirred by the OFSTED Chief Inspector’s affront to our city, but by deep understanding and passion about all the good things done here to protect and nurture children.

As we approach Christmas, with a child at its heart, we also need more than strong feeling. We need the same deep understanding and passion for what God is doing in and for all creation. Church moaning about the commercialisation of Christmas is now a tired cliché, and it will go on, whatever we say. But it feels to me that it’s the sentimentalisation of Christmas that most weakens our grasp that here really is God’s Good News for all.

Christmas brings so much to touch and move the heart, but if it is only feelings and memories to bring out of a box once a year, why does it matter so much...?

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