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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

February 2012

Saturday 14th January 2012. A bright, cold and beautiful day, at least in Kings Norton. It was of course a second Saturday, Market Day. The Green was thronging.

St Nicolas was full of conversation, knitting, Messy Church, praying and music. Saint Nicolas Place had dancing, training sessions, Councillors’ advice and the lively second Saturday Craft Market and Book Sale, with much refreshment in the old Saracen’s Head; once the tap-room, now our welcoming cafe.

I couldn’t repress the thought that as the Prince woke Sleeping Beauty, we too had been woken after our post-Christmas hibernation.

But that is a fairy story about one glamorous couple. This was real with a cast of hundreds and everyone, glamorous or not, had a part. Some were welcome and familiar friends; others were visiting Market, Saint Nicolas Place and Church for the very first time or after many years...

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