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February 2013

It’s easy to get tired of the same old struggles and to find that what we are promised by Jesus as Life in all its fullness seems too often in our hands to shrink to lots of hard work, anxiety and regret. The public face of the church doesn’t always inspire. Running a parish church like ours can be hard.

But God's vision and gift of the rhythms of the church’s year and the faith of people inside and outside church keep bringing me back to why we bother.

God's gift of Christmas; the turning to the Cross of Candlemas and Lent; the depth of Holy Week; the joy of Easter; the living promise of Pentecost; all sustain me in the fullness of Christ’s life and grace, whatever the daily struggle might bring. And time and time again, I am inspired and encouraged by the seemingly simple acts of generosity, encouragement, prayer and faith of so many here. God’s presence and grace isn’t a far-off thing. God promises to be present in love in the easily overlooked, the too often taken-for-granted, the simple opening of heart, mind and hands to others, offered by so many....

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