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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

January 2011

Every New Year brings its good intentions. For most of us, they are probably familiar, from last year and maybe many years before. “More this; less that; try harder” and, behold, twelve months on, they are wearyingly the same.

I want to suggest something simpler. We know that 2011 brings a royal wedding. We know it will also bring further hard change as spending, public, private and church, is re-shaped by cuts. But we do not know what effect these will have. We know that with Rebecca leaving and fresh focus on our church life, our work together as God’s parish church in Kings Norton will change. But what that change will be we have yet to discover.

We know that our church school at Hawkesley faces a decisive year as local plans for education are developed. But we do not yet know what these will be. We know that our own lives will change. We hope the change will be for good, but cannot tell know how much things hoped for or things feared will happen for us and for those we love...

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