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The parish of

Kings Norton

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January 2012

Talk about God comes in unexpected places, even the bumper double Christmas issue of Radio Times. Amid all the specials, the re-runs and the films old and new, there is our Archbishop. He asks "What would Jesus do?" in the face of turmoil and challenge.

We'd like to think that Jesus would simply give us the right answer about what we should do. But that would keep us as children, at the mercy of the judgment of "experts" and never discovering the wise maturity God wants us each to know and grow in by grace.

What then is Rowan Williams' answer to "What would Jesus do?" "He'd first of all be there, sharing the risks, not just taking sides, but steadily changing the entire atmosphere by the questions he asks of everyone involved, rich and poor, capitalist and protestor and cleric. What changes things isn't a formula for getting the right answer, but a willingness to stop and let yourself be challenged right to the roots of your being."...

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