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January 2013

"Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year" we say each year with good will and warm intention. We mean it, as I do now. Most, though not all, will find "happy" but the "prosperous" wish for 2013 is not as easy. We know the struggle of the European Union and our own country to re-discover economic stability. We know each day of the struggle for peace and prosperity in the Holy Land, Syria, Afghanistan, Congo and elsewhere. These must all be constantly in our prayer, in our giving where needed and in our action where possible. But they are in every other way out of our hands. Kings Norton is not.

Kings Norton knows what hard work looks like, but it isn’t exactly bursting with bankers of the "casino" kind. I’m not aware of any companies trading here who arrange their corporation tax so that they don’t pay any. Narrow boats pass through, but as yet no luxury yachts. There is still work, but formerly reliable employers have to cut posts, training and their contribution to community life. Local services of all kinds are more and more provided by agencies owned by strange conglomerates; less and less by local authorities and local firms and groups who care for and are accountable to the people of the area in which they work...

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