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January 2014

"Journey" is getting to be an over-used word. "Join us in our development journey" say recruiting adverts, meaning "Join us. We hope to grow." "Come with us on the journey" say managers trying to persuade staff that a new project is not simply a way of getting more from them for the same pay. It’s a pity. "Journey" is such a potent image. It takes us out of habitual comfort and opens us to new experience. It demands choosing and packing only some of the familiar while trying to look open-eyed at what will be new and not yet known.

If a journey is made in company, it brings new friends and new ways of relating (we hope) to old ones. Journeying helps us to discover more of our own strengths and weaknesses and to grow in resilience and confidence. Any tough journey also exposes us to different ways of doing things, of understanding and taking hold of life in all its complexity and possibilities. It's good to go travelling and, in the end, to come home.

The Church's story at Christmas and in January is full of journeys to and from Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Egypt; angels coming down from heaven...

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