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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

July 2011

The Church’s year is wisely divided in two. It begins with Advent. We look forward to Christmas. Through winter and spring, we tell the story of the One born so humbly. We follow Jesus’s journey with all its challenging richness of teaching, healing, action, prayer and love.

Lent, Holy Week and Easter brings it all to shuddering conclusion on a shameful Cross and a sudden rebirth in the joys of Easter. Then we wait until the promised gift of the Holy Spirit flows into the life of Jesus’s friends and followers at Pentecost.

Until that point, the story is about waiting for what God in Jesus will do next. It is God’s story. We follow, often with as little idea of what is going on as Jesus’s first followers did.

And then, without a break, comes part two. No longer are we waiting for God’s next move. God is waiting for ours. And this, each year, is where we are now...

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