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The parish of

Kings Norton

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June 2011

400 years ago, the Authorised “King James” version of the Bible was made. Churches across the world are marking this by making 2011 the Year of the Bible. That’s good, but it is no celebration to place this or any other version on a pedestal, out of reach of our everyday lives.

We have the Bible only because, inspired by the Holy Spirit, people have found its words come alive when heard, trusted, and used in the whole of our living.

I wonder if, from Sunday School or sermons or somewhere, we get in our heads the idea that “The Bible” is only a big book of rules and teaching that we find difficult, full of strange people and cultures who are just not like us.

So, my prayer for the Year of the Bible is simple: that all will find in it not difficulty, burden or strangeness but a light to our pathway as we discover God’s love and truth in Jesus for ourselves and the world we live in now...

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