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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

June 2012

We live in a time of huge questions, old and new. Nations grapple with new and largely unforeseen changes to their politics and economies. The affluence and growth which so many had almost taken for granted are further and further beyond the reach of more and more. Society seems to grow more fragmented by individualism and narrowness of vision. Religion brings too often not peace, God’s shalom, but conflict. Questions of personal morality are framed and decided very differently from even twenty years ago.

Big Questions like these, and many more, are not 'out there'. They touch us all. They affect our national life and bear down on the local lives and choices we all have. They have huge impact on the future of all who are taking exams right now. They touch the things so many look forward to; from the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics to the renewal of our own communities, new opportunity on the estate areas of the parish, deep change in Saint Nicolas Place; even our own Kings Norton Festival...

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