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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

March 2011

Lent begins on March 9th, Ash Wednesday. For centuries, it has been seen as a time of giving things up. But giving up isn’t the point of Lent, helpful though it might be to waistlines and odd habits.

We give things up in Lent so that we have room for others. And the most vital of these “others” is grasping afresh God’s presence, promise and purpose in every part of life, declared for ever in Jesus’s dying and rising, Holy Week and Easter. We go on throughout the year with days and times set in a very earthly pattern. And so we must. But within and through them all is God; always making, redeeming and sustaining. So much squeezes out thought of God, joys, griefs, daily responsibilities. But, noticed or not, God is in the middle of them all.

And that makes all the difference. If God is in the middle of all that we are and do, our habits, failures and burdens are not the last word. Within them all, God breathes always with new hope in our despair, new love in our emptiness, new possibility in our failures, new purpose in all we say and do...

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