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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

March 2012

Snow brings strange new beauty to familiar places. It’s fun for the active and breaks the daily round. It makes us vulnerable, but now that it’s gone, it feels oddly hard to adjust from the freezing of early February to (slightly) warmer days, to bare branches budding into life and to fewer layers. ‘Back to Normal’ has its own challenges.

We wonder, "Is spring possible?" It is. Wetter, drier, colder, warmer, earlier or later than we expect, but in climates like ours, if not alas everywhere, it still comes. Trudging through snow or doing sudden auditions for Dancing on Ice can make spring seem a fantasy. Can it really get warm again? Can this frozen soil nurture green things? Will the churchyard hedgehogs survive?

So we get the mower serviced, get ready to move plants out of shelter, sort out lighter clothes and prepare for warmth. The one thing we can’t do is demand it. We may worry and wonder about when and how it will come, yet we know it is out of our hands...

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