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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

May 2012

It’s always good to see things through others’ eyes. At the weekday Night Prayer (Compline) services during Holy Week, Gail, Mandy and John helped us do this for Judas, Peter and ourselves.

Gail helped us look again at Judas and see behind the vile betrayer a devoted spirit, utterly committed to Jesus, but wanting always to be rational, calculated and in control. Peter, as John helped us see, was equally committed but had no control over his passions at all. His denial of Jesus mattered so much because, without any thinking whatsoever, he had only just declared, ‘Lord I will never leave you!’

In between, Mandy helped us see the humble love in which Christ came to carry us and the ways in which, just like Judas and Peter, we and the church so quickly reject that and instead want to carry him.

All three talks made a deep impression on me, so I was doubly grateful when the Easter stories took us to Thomas...

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