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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

November 2010

On 17th October, as many already know, we announced the following: “The Revd Rebecca Pullin has been appointed as Vicar of Immanuel, Highters Heath. Rebecca has been with us as curate in training for over three years of faithful ministry and deep friendship, which have touched and changed us all. Rebecca's induction at Highters Heath will be in late January or early February. Our celebration of her ministry here, with loving prayers for this next step in her journey, will be in early January.”

Highters Heath isn’t far - and Rebecca is not the first to move there from here. As in all ministry moves, we must let her go with love to new work in a new parish, trusting in God’s providing for her and us. We will miss her very much – but we all move on! It is God’s grace, promise and presence in each place, not ours, which is unchanging.

Rebecca’s ministry here has given so much to give thanks for, but by God’s grace there is so much to look forward to...

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