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October 2012

The wonder of the Olympics and Paralympics and the stark findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel may seem far apart. They have, however, much more in common than may first appear - and it’s not that they are both to do with sport.

Each has come out of years of resolution, labour and planning by people working resiliently together in common purpose. One has been a celebration of achievement, teamwork and inclusion; the other a heart-tearing struggle to establish truth and bring justice.

In both we have been opened to intimate and profound human stories. We have met people of huge honesty, compassion and dignity of spirit. We have seen what can happen when communities, friends and families work together. We have seen beneath society’s lazy labelling and been privileged to discover in those who may seem to us ‘other’ a depth of humanity to trust and emulate.

That is where God is and where God’s church should be...’

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