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The Reordering of St Nicolas' Church

On 6th November 2010 at 11.30 a.m. there was an Open Meeting to discuss the proposed reordering of St Nicolas' Church. Here is an outline of the points that were discussed.

We have three main areas of need: the Nave platform area; the South Door access; the west end of the North Aisle (the "coffee area"). We also need to explore possibilities for extending the vestry, including the addition of a W.C. All of this stands alongside our continuing work to ensure that our church building is safe, warm and well-maintained.

The Nave Platform

In the coming months, we will be looking at ways of creating a slightly larger platform at the front of the church, fit for all our many uses. We will be considering the possibility of moving the font and inviting fresh ideas for the positioning of our pews and chairs. The current layout of chairs at the front of the nave has clearly enhanced so many uses of this precious space. We are however coming to the end of the permitted experimental period and need to make formal proposals to the Diocesan Advisory Committee. Before we do, we want to attempt a similar layout, but using pews. We need to see and "feel" what it's like before taking any decisions.

We have repaired most of our pews and have two ideas for the remnants of those which are beyond repair:

  1. Making an altar large enough to cover and protect the Humfrey Toye tomb in the South Aisle and serve as model for new nave altar;
  2. Making a smaller clergy stall to match existing rector's stall. This would enable move of larger clergy stall to replace pulpit. If agreed and allowed, blocks would be used to achieve the different heights required by the range of worship uses and the different heights of readers and worship leaders.

The South Door & North Aisle

We must also look very seriously at our South Door access and at use of the North Aisle. We need to ensure that everything we do enhances the whole building as well as each part.

To find out more, read the published extracts from our Draft Statement of Need.