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The parish of

Kings Norton

Part of the Church of England

Mission Statement

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We seek together:

  • to be a worshipping transforming partnership in Christ
  • to live out God’s radical hospitality for all
  • to be equipped for work in God’s world

Transforming Church

We are also committed to the Diocesan Transforming Church Programme.

Transforming Worship: Drawing us into the presence of the Living God.

Transforming Relationships: Finding healing, encouragement and challenge through our life together.

Transforming Discipleship: Enabling us to grow as confident followers of Jesus.

Transforming Leadership: Releasing and harnessing the gifts of all God’s people.

Transforming Presence: Living out God’s love in our communities and the wider world.

Transforming Outreach: Leading others to believe in Jesus and belong to his Body.

Transforming Partnerships: Working together with people of goodwill to see God’s purposes fulfilled.

The Team Ministry

The Team Ministry was formed in 1974, in response to massive post-war outer estate developments, with a Team Rector responsible for St Nicolas and Team Vicars licensed to newly created estate congregations. This has however become less helpful. St Nicolas has grown as the focus of whole-parish ministry, requiring us all to work closely in partnership. The district churches of Hawkesley and Immanuel continue in vital local ministry but do not require a full time priest.

In 1999, the Team was reduced to three stipendiaries (full-time, paid clergy). We have since developed a new Team with collegial responsibility for the whole parish, rather than separate district responsibilities. We are we believe called to work in full partnership in the Gospel, with lead responsibilities for whole parish ministry and mission shared within the Team rather than in former patterns of delegation and separation.

Team members share fully with colleagues in prayer, in preparation and conduct of worship, in mission and pastoral responsibilities, in occasional offices across the parish and in enabling and supporting lay gifts, including the resource ministries of churchyard and building care, hospitality, administration, finance and communication. We each have commitment and accountability to God, to one another, to lay ministers and leaders and to the whole people of God. When we do this, God’s mission grows. When we don’t, it falters.

Within this, lead responsibility in Team and parish for our Mission Statement and Transforming Church is:

Rector: A worshipping, transforming partnership in Christ. Enriching Worship, Presence and Partnerships

Team Vicar: Being equipped for work in God’s world. Enriching Discipleship and Leadership.

Team Priest: Living out God’s radical hospitality for all. Enriching Relationships and Outreach

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