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Got a question about parish life? We'll do our best to answer it here. Our Frequently Asked Questions section will grow as we receive feedback from our visitors. Do you have a practical question to which you think others would like to see an answer here? Then please complete this secure form.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why can't I erect the gravestone of my choice in the churchyard?
    Please see the Churchyard Regulations on our Documents page.
  • Does St Nicolas' Church have disabled access?
    Yes. We can provide easy access for wheelchair users and owners of children's buggies through the North Door of the church. Directions to the North Door are usually displayed outside the less accessible South Door (the main entrance) when the church is open. You may have to ask someone to open the North Door for you from the inside, though.
  • Can I book St Nicolas' Church for a concert?
    There are a few questions we would have to ask you before hosting your concert but, in principle, it is possible. Contact the Parish Office for further information.
  • I'm interested in bell ringing. Are you looking for volunteers?
    Yes! We welcome bell ringers of all abilities. Practices are held on Tuesday from 7.45 to 9.00 pm in the church tower. If you are interested in finding out what bell ringing is all about, please contact Catherine Taylor in advance so that we can arrange your welcome. Her email address is You can ring bells if you're aged 9 or 90. It's a craft almost 400 years old practised throughout the British Isles as well as in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the USA, so there's plenty of scope for travel. There are many benefits to be gained, among them healthy exercise (both physical and mental), friendship and the satisfaction of being an important part of a team effort. Bell ringing is a unique hobby which any member of the family can enjoy. It helps if you have a sense of rhythm and reasonable coordination, but you don't have to be a musician.
  • Can I donate to the church roof fund online?
    Yes! Click here.
  • Can I subscribe to the Parish Magazine online
    Yes. If you complete our online Subscription form, we will email you an invoice with an invitation to pay using PayPal or your credit / debit card. Once we receive payment, your details will be forwarded to our Subscriptions Secretary, who will ensure that you start to receive your monthly copy.
  • I am researching my family history. Can you help?
    Yes we can! All you have to do is complete our online request for a genealogy search. You'll find it here.
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