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This page will introduce you to some of the people at the heart of parish life. All of them can be contacted via the Parish Office. This page will shortly be updated to reflect recent changes. 

The Ministry Team

The Reverend Larry Wright

Larry oversees all aspects of mission and ministry in the team and links with civic and community organisations working to enrich the lives of residents in our neighbourhoods.

Team Rector of Kings Norton

The Reverend Jayne Crooks

Jayne was ordained in 2004 and was a Team Vicar here. Now retired, she is working in a supportive role to the Parish Team, mainly as our weddings administrator.

Hon Assistant Priest

The Reverend Catherine Matlock

Catherine was ordained in 2018. Her role as Pioneer Curate gives her a particular responsibility for finding ways of engaging with local communities and organisations.


Pauline Weaver

Pauline works closely with children and families. She is passionate about strengthening community ties and believes that being a good neighbour goes beyond the people next door.

Licensed Lay Minister

Fay Fearon

Fay is a Reader licensed to teach and to preach, to conduct funerals and to undertake pastoral work. She is an Assistant Warden of Readers in the Birmingham Diocese.


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The Reverend Eliakim Ikechukwu

Originally from Nigeria, Eliakim has been active in pastoral ministry since 1985. A former prison and hospital chaplain, he was previously on the staff of St George's Church, Newtown. 

Assistant Rector

David Ash

David heads the Faculty of Languages at King Edward's School and has been a Reader since 2013. He preaches, leads services, edits the Parish Magazine and manages the church's online presence. 

Reader, Communications

Ruth Howman

Ruth is a nurse and the mother of Sophie.  She leads creative worship and more traditional services.


Parisa Pordelkhaki

Originally from Iran, Parisa is a scientist who specialises in bioprocessing. She was licensed as a Reader in 2014 to lead worship, preach and teach. She joined the Ministry Team in 2017.


Steve Wright

Born in Yorkshire, Steve is a retired teacher and youth worker with experience in the Methodist Church. 

Lay Preacher

Sylvia Fox

Sylvia oversees the care of St Nicolas' & its churchyard and is responsible for the musical life of the church. She plays the organ or piano and leads the choir. 

Music Minister

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The Churchwardens

Wardens are elected to represent the lay people of the parish. In co-operation with the Rector they are responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the parish and maintenance of the buildings.

Peter Hay

Peter was elected Churchwarden in Spring 2018. 


Julie Hill

Julie has been a Warden since May 2017. 


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Simon Hill

Simon helps with the smooth running of Sunday Services and of the Church in general.

Deputy Warden

David Chadderton

David helps with baptism enquiries and is training as a server.

Deputy Warden

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