We are always ready to support and visit when people are seriously ill and after any death. Please contact the Parish Office if you are in need of help or approach us when the Church is open.

We are also always ready to be involved in funeral services for anyone who lives in the parish of Kings Norton or has strong local connections. It is part of our duty as the Church of England in this place and anyone who lives here has the right to have their funeral service in church, if that is what they want. They do not have to have a strong recent church connection.

Within the broad framework of the Church of England service, we also welcome personal memories, tributes which family and friends will find helpful. We like family or friends to offer their own brief contributions, but the minister will always read them on their behalf if asked.


We also welcome any special music. If you would like CDs played, please note that they need to be commercial recordings, as downloaded CDs cannot be reliably read by our system. You will need to discuss all these and any Order of Service with the minister taking the funeral.

Making Arrangements

In planning the funeral you will however first need to contact a funeral director (see links below). They will discuss arrangements with you and then contact the church to arrange the time and place. The service may be in St Nicolas' Church or at a crematorium with cremation or burial following. Our Parish Office staff will then ensure that the minister taking the funeral will be in touch as soon as possible to help you prepare the service.

If you have just been bereaved, the last thing you will feel like doing is dealing with paperwork. There are, nevertheless, a number of steps which must be taken as soon as possible.

You normally need to register a death within 5 days. You will find full details of how to do this here. You will also find some good general advice on this page about how to plan a funeral.

St Nicolas' Churchyard

We regret that, with limited grave spaces, we have to limit burial in St Nicolas' Churchyard to parishioners, to those with a strong recent church connection and to those who have already reserved graves. We are also no longer able to make grave reservations. We do however welcome the interment of ashes in our churchyard.

We are also welcoming an increasing number of people for the reception after the service at Saint Nicolas' Place, which is next door to the church and churchyard. Please enquire on 0121 458 1223 or visit their website.

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