Getting Married in Church

​If you would like your wedding or your wedding blessing to take place at St Nicolas' Church, your first step should be to check our online wedding calendar to see if the church is available. Click on Available Dates below.


Your next step should be to contact either the Parish Office or to email our Wedding Help Desk to book an appointment with the Marriage Administrator, who is usually available on Thursday evenings at St Nicolas' Church between 6.30 and 8.00 pm. Booking an appointment beforehand may mean that you do not have to sit and wait for a long time. 


Alternatively, you may book an appointment in person by visiting St Nicolas' Church on a Thursday evening. Though you will not usually be able to see the Marriage Administrator straight away, you will be able to ask preliminary questions of the staff on duty. 

If you are not ready to book a wedding but have questions about the process, you can email our Wedding Help Desk

Before you visit or email us, please read the three documents listed under Essential Reading further down this page. They will answer many of your questions. 

As part of your preparation for marriage at St Nicolas', we will ask you to join in worship at one of our churches and to attend a preparation session. These are each held once a month at 8.00 pm in St Nicolas' Church. You can explore dates and details below. Either the Marriage Administrator or the clergy can provide advice on marriage preparation. You will also find a wealth of useful information by clicking our Useful Links.



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