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It has been announced by the Archdeacon of Birmingham that Pauline Weaver is to be appointed full time lay minister in the Kings Norton Team ministry from 1st April. She will be employed by the Diocese and licenced by the Bishop of Birmingham at a date to be decided.

Next Sunday
Next Sunday

Sunday 26th February is the 4th Sunday of the month and Sunday Before Lent.

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Tues 28th Feb at 7.30 pm: Hawkesley Church Pancake Party.
Weds 1st March at 10.30 am: First meeting of "Praying Lent With The Saints" at St Nicolas' Church.
Weds 1st March at 12.00 noon and 8.00 pm: Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday at St Nicolas' Church.
Weds 8th Mar at 8.00 pm: First meeting of "The Way" Lent Course at St Nicolas' Church.