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The Parish Magazine 1992-2014

The Parish Magazine was not produced in PDF format before February 2014. Earlier issues do exist, however, and are being added to this page as we have time to scan them. If you have copies at home which were printed before 2014 and would like to contribute them to this collection, you can leave them, marked for the Editor's attention, at the Parish Office or at the back of St Nicolas' Church. Please note that we cannot return any magazines donated in this way. It would be helpful if you could check that your copies do not already feature in this collection before sending them to us.


We have most editions from 2004 onwards. If you cannot see them here, they will appear sometime this year. All magazines from 2008 are missing. We are particularly interested in receiving paper copies printed between 1970 and 2003. 

Editions marked with an asterisk* are displayed as non-sequential two-page spreads because of the way in which they were converted to PDF from the original file. There is no easy way to correct this, so you may have to go hunting for the second half of an article if it extends beyond a single page. 

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