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July 2012

In the Jubilee cliché contest, there was one clear winner. “The rain has failed to dampen the spirit.” It did rain, especially on the Sunday, but all the Big Lunches, here and everywhere else, carried on as sturdily as the thousand craft moving up the Thames. Spirits were definitely not dampened.

My stand-out craft were the local steam narrowboat The President, the heroic bedraggled singers and the one with the Shree Muktajivan Pipe Band, full of young men and some women with bagpipes and dhol drums. What? Feast eyes and ears on the YouTube video.

A few days earlier, a group of children, teachers and friends from Primrose School visited our churchyard as part of their local studies. I met them on the way to our Thursday 11am Communion. “Can we come in and look at the church as well?” School visit and Prayer Book Communion sound as close as bagpipes and dhol drums, but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me”, so in we went together...

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