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March 2013

No traditional Hawkesley pancakes for some of us this Shrove Tuesday. On the same night, Bishop Andrew was licensing the Revd Josephine Houghton (Jo Mayer as we knew her here) as the new Priest in Charge of the Church of the Ascension Stirchley.

Some were there as friends. I was also there as Patron. That may sound more like The Godfather than the Church of England, but every parish has one. It’s the person who actually appoints the priest of a parish. Though usually the Bishop, history sometimes ensures it is someone else. For Kings Norton, it is the Bishop jointly with the Dean and Canons of Worcester Cathedral. For Cotteridge, Wythall and Stirchley, it is none other than the Rector of Kings Norton. (Trace the history if you want to and all becomes clear.)

Last year, I had the great joy of presenting the Revd Joycelyn Lewis-Gregory to Cotteridge and the Revd Rich Burley to Wythall and this year Josephine to Stirchley; three younger, energetic, faithful clergy. Our prayers and those of many others will ensure that the Patron doesn’t have to do it again for a very long time....

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