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October 2013

You may know the classic sketch from 'Goodness Gracious Me'. A group of young men are out on the lash. In true Friday night fashion, they finish off by going for a meal. But they are Punjabi. So there's no 'going for an Indian'. They go instead for an 'English'. The competition is not to see who can bear the hottest vindaloo. Their target instead is to see who can dream up and bear to eat the blandest.

Something like that seems to me to be going on with modern translators of a Gospel passage we used this October. Chapter 15 of St Luke’s Gospel is a real Friday night out. Lost sheep, lost coins, lost sons, lost people: all brought home with rejoicing. Jesus gives us a stunning series of images of the depth, breadth, height and overwhelming generosity of God in Jesus Christ our Lord. What a joy to preach on it: but that was the week before.

But then we moved on to Chapter 16.1-13, a complex demanding story about an untrustworthy steward who worms his way back into his master's good books...

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